In all attempts to connect, inspire, learn and create, Artistry8 will now be available digitally through blogging, facebook, and possibly a twitter. The possibilities are endless. After all, it is a new year and time for some new things.

As a creative professional, it is my job to create for others, bring meaning and life into things, and quite honestly just make things beautiful. Life is good and there are so many other creative things we creatives do in our daily lives that often don't have the honor or privilege to make it in our portfolios. Those things have to live too, so, another reason for this blog is to shed some light on all things creative that just didn't make the cut. From rejected concepts to last nights dinner, i'll try to include a range of things as they come.

Lastly, one of the reasons blogs exist, i'd love to feature the work and achievements of others that move and inspire me (with proper credit of course:).

For the love of beauty, stay tuned and enjoy!

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